Frequently, I’m asked how to discern whether the word a person has received is truly from the Lord. The Bible advises us to ‘Test all things; hold fast what is good’ (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Here are some simple tests to help you check if a prophecy or dream interpretation is from God. These principles also apply when someone interprets your dream for you:

The Character Test

Does the prophecy or interpretation reflect Jesus’ character? Does it sound like something God would say? Remember, God is loving and wants the best for you, even if the prophecy contains a warning.

The Bible Test

Does the prophecy agree with what the Bible teaches? It should never contradict Scripture.

The Heart Check Test

Does the prophecy feel right in your spirit, or does it make you uncomfortable? You don’t have to accept a prophecy that doesn’t sit well with you.

The Confirmation Test

A prophecy should confirm what God has already spoken to you or align with your God-given qualities. If it doesn’t immediately confirm, you can set it aside.

The Leadership Test

Consult your church leaders about the prophecy to get their opinion. Mature Christians who know you can provide valuable insights.

The Time Test

Some prophecies may take time to come true. It’s okay to wait and review them later if you’re unsure.

The Prophet Test

Consider the person delivering the prophecy. Are they known and recognized for their gift? Don’t accept prophecies from just anyone. Watch for character and integrity, not just charisma or giftedness.

In summary, be cautious of prophecies that seem off or focus on the person delivering them rather than drawing you closer to Jesus. Use discernment and seek wise counsel when evaluating prophetic messages.