Do you know you are called by God to do great works? But you cannot do that unless you draw from the anointing.

Anointing is simply Jesus’ approval on your gift. If you are willing and ready to draw from His anointing, Jesus is willing to fill you up. If you choose to press into Him and also stir up the gift of God inside you, you are postured to receive this anointing.

There are a few things you must do to receive the “ Anointing ”


You Must Get To Where The Anointing Is !!


The woman who had the Issue of blood knew one thing necessary to tap into the anointing. She had to get to where Jesus was and the anointing there will produce the healing she needed.

When I started off in ministry 20 years ago, every year I started going for a youth conference that was happening in Singapore. We had many youth pastors and leaders from around the world. All of these leaders had an anointing to reach and impact the next generation in a powerful manner. And being around them helped me tap into the anointing that I was surrounded by. 

You Must Continue To Ask !!


Every person who wanted to receive from Jesus did not stop asking. They made a decision and followed Him until they got what they needed. Even the desperate did not shy away from asking. 

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” ~ Matthew 7:7 KJV

I entered ministry when I was 20 years old. I was very young and immature. My only help was from the Lord to establish a new youth ministry in the church and work with a national youth movement. I had to keep asking the Lord to release an anointing to know how to communicate to the young people, to know how to impart to the young people, and to know how to gather the young people. All of this and more I have been able to do among the youth as a part of the anointing I received. But it all came because I kept asking from the Lord for anointing to minister to young people.


You Must Create A Demand !!


People followed Jesus simply because there was a demand. They knew He had what they needed. When they heard of what He was doing, their hunger increased and they demanded that He would respond.Their faith was stirred and because He had a reputation of meeting the needs of the people, they knew they would not leave empty handed.

Every time you come to do anything for God; for me it’s youth ministry, preaching, teaching, and different things with young people – but for you, it can be anything else in business, studies, even to be a better father or mother. Whatever it is, every time that you come to do a specific assignment, believe that His anointing will manifest like how it did for the people around Jesus. Believe with an expectation that the anointing of God will manifest. I have walked into a room expecting to do great things, and so I’ve put a demand on the anointing for the Lord to move and lives to be changed and I have seen that happen.

Anointing is the difference maker today. Whatever you do, I encourage you to see the three principles and begin to apply them, and we need to move in the anointing of God, so that we can see great things happen in your life and through your life