It’s time to break free from the chains, bondage, and struggles of the past.

In the words of Isaiah 52:2, “Shake off the dust, rise up, and take your seat, O Jerusalem; free yourself from the bonds around your neck, O captive daughter of Zion.” This prophetic message to the church echoes the call to self-deliverance. We possess the power and authority to release ourselves from various forms of captivity.

Synonyms for “loose” encompass disjoin, divorce, separate, sever, unhitch, disconnect, detach, unseat, unbind, unchain, unfetter, unloose, free, release, liberate, break up, break into pieces, smash, shatter, splinter, demolish, cleave, force apart, and even forgive or pardon.

I’ve ministered to numerous believers still entangled in their pasts, preventing them from enjoying the present and achieving future success.

During one deliverance session, a strong spirit identified itself as “Past” and claimed its role was to keep a young man tied to his history, hindering his spiritual growth after a painful divorce.

This encounter revealed that many individuals are bound to their pasts by unseen forces, which left scars and unhealed wounds. These wounds often became breeding grounds for unclean spirits.

People not only require deliverance from demons but also from unhealthy connections with others. Ungodly soul ties serve as avenues through which controlling and manipulative spirits operate on unsuspecting victims.

If you find yourself attached to past pain, unsure of how to move forward, remember that God desires to grant you the gift of freedom.

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