In the church, one significant challenge we face is the influence of seduction. It’s disheartening to witness individuals more focused on gaining personal platforms, wealth, and power, rather than actively contributing to building God’s kingdom and blessing others. This seductive spirit tirelessly works to lure preachers into operating in ways that are disconnected from Jesus.

Some preachers resort to using the “gifts of the Spirit” as covert tools to captivate people’s attention. I recently came across a book where a pastor shared his journey from the occult back to the Lord, shedding light on parts of Africa and South Africa where “witch doctors” initiate individuals into secret societies. These practitioners exploit the desires for fame, wealth, and security in one’s future. Tragically, some preachers fall into this trap, enduring years of spiritual oppression from the forces of witchcraft.

We’re witnessing a form of soul domination, where an unhealthy infatuation with seeking attention from ministers leads to personal needs being sacrificed for the desires of leaders. Some are even told they will be “cursed” if they don’t sow into these leaders’ lives.

In this challenging environment, the gift of discerning spirits is invaluable. Unfortunately, this gift is often overlooked, and those who possess it may feel sidelined and unheard.

If you possess or suspect you have this gift, I implore you not to underestimate it. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you’re “seeing too much” or being overly critical. Remember that God has given you this gift for a reason. Nurture it, let it flourish, and use your voice for the advancement of God’s kingdom!

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