In our spiritual battles, we don’t fight with physical weapons. Instead, our strength comes from God, helping us tear down tough obstacles, just like 2 Corinthians 10:4 says.

Long ago, the prophet Jeremiah had authority over whole countries and nations. Prophets have control over bad forces. These forces, led by Satan, set up strong barriers in people’s lives, families, churches, towns, and even countries. The special power prophets have is like a tool from God, meant to knock down these barriers.

I’ve seen amazing things happen when prophets share messages with people, families, and groups. People often cry and feel better after hearing these messages. Prophets are really good at helping people be free from bad things. So, their work helps take down these tough barriers.

Prophets not only share messages from God but also help people by using God’s special power. This double power they have lets them bring freedom to people in a special way. Sometimes, I’ve seen pastors trying hard to get rid of barriers in their groups, but they can’t always do it alone. Pastors have a special power too, but different barriers need different powers to break them. This doesn’t mean prophets are better than pastors in churches, because we all work together with God. But pastors should understand how important prophets are in breaking down these tough barriers and value their special role.