When God wants to start a Godly new thing, idea, or generation, He works on the candidates He is promoting.

Unless areas in our life are sanctified, we will never be able to birth things of the spirit. Things that are not of the spirit are birth out of flesh and that doesn’t bring what God wants to do.

This cutting is a painful process if you don’t know what is going on. Pruning, conflict, instability, and uncertainty come upon us as the master mason starts cutting the stone to fit into the new structure. This happens when a tree is pruned to bear much fruit.

The process of pruning is a tough one. But it is needed so that we can fulfill our purposes on earth. Transitions take place as we leave room for the pruning of the Lord, for He knows the master plan and He will make us a masterpiece.

The pruning process takes place through different adversities and conflicts that rise up in a day-to-day walk in five key areas.

Conflict and adversity rise up as we are being adjusted in five areas:

  • Interpersonal: relationships
  • Inner personal: conflicts in yourself
  • Intrapersonal: struggle with those over us
  • Personal-functional: role we are in
  • Personal-organizational: problem with the organization

Things that rise up in these five areas will cause us to be pruned and made to become fruitful wines in HIS vineyard. The question is are we ready for such pruning so that we can become people who will be able to bear much fruit on the earth and fulfill our God-given purpose, and Destiny, that which we are called for in this outfit.

I encourage you to take a deep dive into your life in the things that you are facing and evaluate to see whether the conflicts and adversities that you are going through are making you to become who God wants you to be or are you giving into your flesh running away from those prunings so that you can become who you want to be.

I would ask you to surrender to who God wants you to be at all costs. He is a master he will make a masterpiece out of you. Just Trust HIM