As sons and daughters, we possess a formidable arsenal at our disposal. In Ephesians 6:10-18“armor of God.”

Within the school of the Holy Spirit, countless valiant warriors are being trained. These humble individuals have learned to rely on God for breakthroughs, aligning themselves with the greatest warrior of all—the Lord Himself. Their lessons were acquired through firsthand experience and, at times, even through failure. Following in the footsteps of these exemplary warriors, we too can call upon the Lord and witness His revelation of remarkable and mighty things.

  • The Word of God serves as the spiritual sword, an instrument of warfare. Through divine instruction, the Lord will teach us how to wield this sword effectively against the spiritual adversaries that seek to harm our souls.
  • The Word of God is our wellspring of wisdom. By operating in God’s wisdom, we can conquer the powers of darkness.
  • Confessing the Word of God holds significant importance in the spiritual journey of every believer. Christianity is often referred to as the “great confession. Salvation is attained through the confession of faith with our mouths. As the mouth is connected to the heart, the Word of God spoken from our lips takes root in our hearts. Faith is activated by our spoken words, for the mouth can only utter what resides within the heart.

Devote time to mastering the art of spiritual warfare. Engage in prayer, combining it with the power of God’s Word. Pursue with determination everything that has hindered you, making it a personal mission to overcome.