In our society, it is not uncommon to recognize and acknowledge the strength of women. We have encountered numerous strong women throughout our lives. Our mothers, for instance, have exhibited strength in various aspects, be it in their character, spiritual depth, emotional resilience, or other areas. Many of us have also witnessed the power, miracles, healing, and deliverance that strong women of God manifest. They are filled with the Holy Spirit and excel as prayer warriors, intercessors, prophetesses, counselors, preachers, and teachers.

Unfortunately, societal conditioning often leads us to initially associate might and valor with men. However, the word “chayil” encompasses a rich meaning of wealth, substance, valor, strength, power, host, valiance, training, army, might, capability, company, warfare, soldiers, riches, virtue, and forces. Importantly, this word applies equally to women and men.

Strong “chayil” women are not Jezebels; they do not dominate or mistreat their husbands. The virtuous woman is not solely defined as someone who is kind, pure, and praiseworthy. She is also a “chayil” woman—strong, mighty, and courageous.

In this current era, God is raising women who will infiltrate various spheres of influence as women of valor and might. They will make a significant impact and bring about positive change in their respective domains.